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Between a sun and crescent moon, he stood on deck and filled his lungs. Wind circled in the palm of his hands. Pithy, these thoughts of meditation, cacophonies of bondage caught inside an untranslated meaning of a smile. A man’s world was always noisy. He preferred the roar of cities, the motion of land, and people. He gazed at the shadow standing by the Bridge of Baiae and asked why lakes carry a belly full of sky. Then let his hands fall, like the colour of jade, into uncaring waters.

Beggar’s Barm

Two words for rain unveiled a season in rural life.

Juno revealed she was married, where was her ring?

On a blashy day, she showed her face, hid froth

Collected from runny streams in summer showers.


Month by month another piece was exposed.

Some parts left obscured by the sun,

Others turned back into their own shadow.

I would love to be the girl she has become.


The staggering genius of ordinary lives

Not a thorn between them

You run to catch up with the sun

But she is sinking as she swings

To and fro, on a piece of frayed rope

Until she is lost, in a relative way

You are older, older than wishing time away

Along with all her endearments, frittering

And wasting hours in an offhand style

Collapsed on a wooden bench

We took a second to search for nostalgia

Taking more than a fallen age to come

A name is a name, why tinker with it

Music Credit: Monolog RockstarsThe Bad Wake