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Time for a Sploot

Heatwave 2 has hit the UK and the mercury in the writing den is making its way past 30 degrees Celsius at 10 a.m. Not to worry, I’ve discovered a new way to keep cool…

A Fox’s Wedding

Obsessing and moaning about the weather is one of our great British traditions; on a par with tea drinking and eating fish and chips. A survey conducted by Tetley Sunshine Tea in 2017, found that British people spend…

Before the Heatwave

He had never seen a sparrowhawk this close. Three metres at most, as he camouflaged himself behind Aloe Vera’s across his window. Blue silvered wings shrouded her prey. Powerful limbs and speckled chest absorbed dawn sunlight.

Peck by peck she dismantled. A carpet of young pigeon feathers laid to confirm her regal status. His slight twitch alerted her. Sparrowhawk and carcass gone. Upstairs, his 6 a.m. alarm, a lament for a grieving mother, floated through the Mede.