Why Do You Write?

I have been revisiting several George Orwell’s novels recently, maybe a sign of the times we are living in. Whatever your thoughts on Orwell’s views and beliefs, there is no getting away from the fact his writing was visionary. My most recent read, Coming Up for Air, written in 1939, could be a mirror reflecting events happening today.

As is oft for a writer, one thread moved into another and I found myself reading…

Is Shakespeare Overrated?

The British actress, Dame Judy Dench, once said “a bad experience of Shakespeare is like a bad oyster – it puts you off for life.”

This, it appears, is the case for me.

Before you all start screaming, “Philistine,” I would like to put on record, Shakespeare is probably the greatest and most influential writer to have graced this planet. The fact his work, 400 years on,..

Is Poetry a Crime?

Have you ever considered poetry to be a crime? It seems, since the pandemic, some legislation, here in the UK, has crept in through the backdoor. Read on to find out more.

No Man’s Land

What happens when you get a group of male poets together and ask them to write about being men?

Well, apart from some creative differences, and a little collateral damage, you get a great collection of poetry.

Where one man reflects on the consequences of his parent’s taste in music, another…