I Was Born in a Cupboard

Who knows what life will bring when you enter the world in a cupboard.  This is where my story begins. It’s 1962 and the delivery rooms at Whitehaven Hospital are full. A store cupboard has been cleared and turned into an emergency delivery bed and that is where I appeared, and stayed for ten days. All going to explain my affiliation for airing cupboards and other enclosed spaces.

As a child, under the bed clothes became my safe space, a place to read by torchlight, a place to develop a lifelong love for words and stories. I was given my first poetry book in 1972 (I still have it) prompting me to write my first poem, which was published in a local school anthology.

There has been a gap of nearly fifty years before my second piece made publication. In between, I have driven an oil tanker in the Gulf of Mexico, done some obligatory loafing as a student, then spent thirty-years working in various guises as a police officer in London: riot officer, surveillance officer, detective, community officer, and a stint in leadership and training. All of which provided me with an expansive array of experiences to write about.

In 2018 I decided to take full advantage of retirement and follow a lifelong ambition to get my words and thoughts into print.  My first poetry collection, All Mine, was published in 2021. I am nearing completion of the first draft of my first novel, set around a mining community in the 1970’s and the Miner’s strike in 1984.  Several of my poems have appeared in various poetry anthologies and on a number of poetry websites.

When I am not glued to my writing desk you can find me stood at my easel or down at my local gym doing crossfit, boxercise, and any other cise on the gym menu.