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He’s Lost Control

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A state of mild panic has descended on the Davy D household. I say mild, major would be a more accurate description. Mrs. D and I have made a monumental decision to move home. Our property went on the housing market this week and all plans to sit and have a couple of calm, quiet moments to write this weeks Friday Thoughts have blown out of the Writing Den window.

Control has been handed over to an estate agent. In six hours, instead of time spent mulling and musing, in a writerly fashion, we have people coming to view our house. Cue, carnage, chaos, and any other C words describing this moment.

It is 5.30am and I am sat at my writing desk wishing I had taken heed of all those excellent blog posts I read about planning ahead. Planning and writing posts, for an emergency, was on my To-Do list. A thousand ideas of what I was going to write have merged into mush. Against all of my better judgement, I thought I would give the WordPress Artificial Intelligence (AI) generator a try. I’ve been meaning to have a look and see what all the fuss was about.

She was happening, he was losing control. Growing distant when all he wanted to do was stay close. Her words were like a howling wind, blowing away his hopes and dreams, his chance at redemption.

He had been a fool, a dreamer, a romantic. The kind of person who firmly believed in happy endings and that no matter what, love would always win out.

But with each passing day, it seemed like their relationship was moving farther and farther away. He felt powerless and lost control, unable to choose the outcome for the love of his life. He could only cross his fingers and hope for the best.

Despair was beginning to take over, and he had to do something quickly to keep it from consuming him. He decided to take a step back, distance himself from the situation, and go within to find his true inner peace. He set aside his worries and focused on being thankful for the time he had spent with her.

He realized that no matter how lost his love made him feel, it was still worth it. That in the end, it was the love he was seeking all along. So,

Artificial Intelligence

SO!!!, Talk about misreading a situation. This state of emergency is no love story, although there is some truth about despair beginning to take over. All I can do is revert to my usual Plan B, which is to leave you with a piece of poetry on my predicament. Mrs. D is standing at the door of the den with a hoover and cleaning cloth in her hands, giving me one of her, ‘move now, or your day will be getting a little more difficult,’ looks.

Hailstones always leave a moment of transcendence
A strange sense of having no keys, no home
Sometimes he just wanted to sit and pontificate
Realise he didn’t really need a crowd for a party

But being spontaneous pulled at his cortex
Left him feeling like a racing car with broken wheels
He wanted to move from the relentless to the sublime
Ditch those boxes filled with poison and heretics

The ice, the ice, stopped him crossing the line

I will be taking a short break from the blog from Monday, 13th March, as we will be travelling to the South Coast, property hunting. Normal service will be resumed on the 20th March. Hopefully, internet connection permitting, I will be able to continue to read your excellent posts in an attempt to keep me sane.

Stay safe, and I hope to return with some news.

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