Fish Is Expensive

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We are the masters of light, bringing in the anticipation of a cool breeze. Old beams drip with sensations of sour milk.  We must be thankful. Remember the surprise of a warm handshake, or the drunkenness brought with a five-a.m. alarm. Mam was outraged when she caught us licking windows. We were tickled pink, whilst she stood there, looking all perplexed, threatening us with the horror of soap suds.

In a way she was right. You preferred the relief brought by fizzing sherbet on your tongue, bursting with excitement at the opening page of a new book and fresh adventure. I was more wrapped up in the thrill of a last-minute penalty or being dangled over Saltom Cliffs looking for Herring Gull eggs.

We were so different, yet she was full of love for both of us, always embracing your calm and my rage and mayhem. You warmed her with Treasure Island, I reddened her cheeks with muddy boots across her kitchen floor. Either way, there was still thankfulness written inside her laughter.

14 thoughts on “Fish Is Expensive

  1. Thank you, Davy — so lyrical and lovely – I could picture her rosy cheeks as a result of your muddy boots. 😊 Thanks, too, for the link to “An Act of Living”. Beautiful!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Victoria, and happy you enjoyed both pieces of poetry. I think I had the ability to redden my mother’s cheeks with regularity, as a child.

      1. Ah…I bet you did (redden her cheeks) – but I imagine she loved you all the more for making life fun…and interesting! 😘

  2. Unconditional love has its own nature. It thrives and surprises and is often disguised in many different forms. Thankfulness is indeed how it can be summed up. Beautiful words, Davy. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you, Terveen. I was talking about a similar thing with my wife this morning. How the smaller acts of love in a relationship can mean more than large gifts. One of the joys of ageing is being able to look back and see these different forms of unconditional love. Glad you enjoyed the poem and enjoy the rest of your week.

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