A Slice of February

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“February teaches us the lesson of hope that there is a sunny day at the end of every freezing night.”


Where did January go? Although the month at times left me feeling I was treading water (in creative terms), January does seem to have passed quickly. Spring is within touching distance. Snowdrops are appearing in the garden. Blackbirds and robins have quickened their pace and become more alert and vocal. Welcome to February, the border between winter and spring.

February originates from the word, Februa, meaning cleansing and purification, and reflected rituals undertaken by the Romans before the arrival of spring. Along with January it was one of the last months added to the Roman calendar and regarded as the start of Roman springtime.

The Anglo-Saxons named February, ‘Sol – monath,’ (cake month) where cakes were offered to gods during the period. Rather than being another dark month of winter, February can be more pleasantly viewed as a time of purification and cake. What’s not to like? 

Celebrations in February

If eating cake and being purified are not appealing there are numerous other events to celebrate and lighten the month. Did you know that today was Work Naked Day? Before anyone sends any words of outrage, in my defence, I am wearing socks. It makes it easier to spot cake crumbs. Or how about any of these.

  • 4th February – Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day
  • 8th February – Laugh And Get Rich Day
  • 23rd February – International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day
  • 25th February – World Sword Swallowers Day
  • 28th February – Public Sleeping Day

Writers Don’t Despair

If the above provide too much excitement and, like me, you are looking for a more literary route through February, why not try some of these celebrations.

  • 3rd February – World Read Aloud Day
  • 6th February – Take Your Child To The Library Day
  • 9th February – Read In The Bathtub Day
  • 14th February – Library Lover’s Day
  • 26th February – Tell A Fairytale Day

These dates should help take our minds off the last knockings of winter and reach spring full of energy and hope. What has February got in store for you? Are there any other dates and celebrations you would like to share? Please feel free to pop them in the comments section.

Have a good weekend.

23 thoughts on “A Slice of February

  1. My library system is running all sorts of read aloud events in February. The director told the branch managers that one of the things they should do is invite local authors in to read their books. No one asked me. A little bummed 🙁 — Now, whether to have ice cream for breakfast tomorrow. Maybe second breakfast.

    1. Maybe you could incorporate ice cream and breakfast in a weekend brunch, Jeff. That’s disappointing about not being asked to read in the local library. I think standing outside and doing some kind of author’s busk may be in order.

  2. Purification and cake – what’s not to love? Moreover, any purification that includes cake is good in my book! Thank you for the delightful welcome to February post, Davy!

    1. That is excellent news Crystal. We are having higher than average winter temperatures here in the UK. A good excuse for me to follow in your footsteps. I think a few scoops of chocolate might be in order.

  3. Any excuse for cake is good in my book. I’m not sure any signs of an end to winter have reached me yet. And more or less stuck in bed today with some sort of horrid virus … wish I’d read this yesterday … ice cream would have helped my throat.

    I like the February ‘days’ you highlighted .. but not sure naked at work would have gone down well on campus. I can commit to sleeping on 28th February- although not sure if we’re supposed to sleep in public … does the train count?
    I am considering trying to write a fairytale for 26th February 😁

    1. Sorry to hear about the virus, Brenda. I am glad some of the dates resonated with you and gave you some prompts with your writing. Sleeping on a train must count as public sleeping. You reminded me of the sleeper trains they used to run on British Rail. Do they still exist? Hope you get well soon.

      1. I believe the Caledonian Sleeper still runs from London to Scotland. I think the last time I got the sleeper, my friend and I were headed onto France by the Eurostar

      2. Back in the 80’s, Brenda, I used the sleeper train to get from Carlisle to London. That was the Caledonian Sleeper, I think. Nice to hear it is still running.

  4. A very witty write, Davy. February does seem hopeful after the drear of January. ‘Laugh and Get Rich’ – I like that. But would have to oil those rusty laughs first. Haha! I hope you get down a lot of words and cleanse that writer soul. Take care and have a good Sunday. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Terveen, and glad you enjoyed the writing. The creative blocks are starting to lift, especially seeing snowdrops appearing in the garden. The onset of spring does create a lighter mood. Keep oiling those rusty laughs and have a happy Sunday.

  5. Oh, I like the sound of World Sword Swallowers Day and Read in a bathtub day. Sadly, I’ve missed the first, but not the latter.
    I’m looking forward to the 21st February which is Toss A Pancake Day. Thank goodness it doesn’t fall on the 25th, though.
    Enjoy the spring garden, Davy, and I hope you didn’t step on too many cake crumbs in those socks.

    1. I managed to get through the day, Hugh, with the minimal of crumb mess. I agree with you about mixing up those dates on the 21st and 25th, especially if an ambulance strike falls on those days. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and have a great week.

  6. That’s what I say about every month. Then soon it becomes ‘Where did 2023 go?’, just like I did with 2022, lol. As it so happens, today is Laugh And Get Rich Day, so I guess I better start laughing!

    1. That’s true, Stuart. February already seems to be on a zoom setting. Wouldn’t it be great if we could laugh all the way through 2023. Have a good week.

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