A Writer’s Life

Image: © Davy D Writer

A scene from La Casa Azul. Hitchcock hues spread across a canvas. Not too much, a deft balance of monotone. No birds or bladed shower curtains. A gift from an ex, an agnostic tethered in braille. If you look closer, you can see a fading collage of nimbus creeping behind a sharp horizon.

I move my gaze downwards to a landscape of paper monoliths staring from a cluttered desk. How many custard creams does it take to spark some inspiration? The sugar rush carries me into a long forgotten sweet shop; Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls, Rhubarb and Custard, Flying Saucers.

‘Fancy a cuppa?’ Another distraction as a welcome mug of Yorkshire tea is passed into the writing den, breaking a vague attempt to push a pen across a desolate page.

Her tea tray shouts ‘Lagom’ – Not too much – Not too little.’

I would be glad of a small slice of either. I try some stretching, a preference of saw planks to downward dogs, in the hope some words might be released from creaking bones.

‘Keep challenging yourself,’ the self-help book said. Maybe it is time to declutter, enter a period of self-composting. The pen is hibernated once more, and I return to heaven, a faithful old book, and the warmth of a laundry cupboard.

8 thoughts on “A Writer’s Life

    1. Thanks Jeff. This was a piece that was written in a writer’s group I am part of. The way the group works takes you out of your comfort zone. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  1. Like Jeff said, this piece is definitely worthy of the word ‘prose’, with the added style to it. The ‘keep challenging yourself’ bit stood out to me, mostly because I myself tend to consume content like that, and I find myself feeling guilty when I coast in life. Just a random thought that surfaced from that one sentence.

    1. Thanks Stuart. You are right, there is a balance to be had between coasting and being challenged. I’m like you. In my writing I like to be challenged. I think it is the only way to improve. Thank you for your thoughts.

  2. “Lagom” is a nice word, a shortcut for “moderation in all things” which sounds Biblical to me, but I can’t place the scripture reference. Enjoy your faithful old book.:-)

    1. Thank you, Priscilla. I don’t know what it is about winter, the season always pulls me back to faithful old books. Perhaps it is the comfort they bring. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Reading is a comfort. Like sitting with an old friend and simply enjoying each other’s presence. Yes, there are many ways to coax the words out, but sometimes it’s better to read someone else’s. Great writing, Davy. Charming. 🙂

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