The People’s Game

Image: Adapted from Canva Pro

Turbulence. We have moved from four jackets for four goalposts to portraits of corporates, pressed against glass and neatly contained. In the 1960’s the game was framed. A local buzzed and talked about that team of 64.

I was glad to be a boy, jaded from breathing in the dark, carving skid marks in grass, and knowing when a pitch would be covered by snow. Our matches were constant, broken by occasional huddles around an old transistor radio. 

Aged seven, I nearly touched George Best’s leg and now I moan the pies are getting smaller, and the Bovril’s getting weaker.

6 thoughts on “The People’s Game

    1. Thanks, Paul. A little ditty about how commercialism is destroying the game. Went to see Worthing v Weymouth at the weekend in the F.A. Trophy. The admission fee was the same as a pie at most premiership grounds. A much better fare. Glad you enjoyed the piece.

  1. In the name of progress, quality is deteriorating. It’s less about the game and more about the gains. Unfortunately, nothing has escaped this. Everywhere you look, the story is the same. Nice way of expressing it, Davy. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Terveen. Even sport has become a profit-making enterprise. The football World Cup and the Olympics are examples of this. Sad for some of us who remember when these events were about the sport and not sponsors.

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