Dawn Chorus

Image: ยฉ Davy D Writer

The last echo of a rainstorm. 
The silence which followed. 
Sky shanties sung along rooftops.

Blackbird, robin, thrush, wood pigeon. 
Does it matter who is the singer 
as long as we immerse ourselves in the song? 
Watch night flood into a new day, 
like a thought remembering and forgetting water, 
like eyes, searching for nectar in a theatre of dragonflies. 

15 thoughts on “Dawn Chorus

  1. I wonder how many do immerse themselves in the song? Is anyone really listening? Or is being self-consumed and angry the new way to be? Love the freshness in this piece, Davy. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. It seems to be the way, Terveen. At times it feels like many people are being diverted by the gem’s nature has to offer. Sometimes it helps to take time out and sit and listen. Have a good week.

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