Book Review: Istangrade

Image: ยฉ Jan Miklaszewicz

I woke up this morning to an eagerly awaited book, Istangrade, by Jan Miklaszewicz, waiting on my Kindle.

Istangrade is Jan’s sixth solo release. This collection of poetry begins in the middle of an Istanbul winter and concludes at the outset of a Belgrade Autumn.

I have been a reader of Jan’s work for some time and these exceptional poems take you on a journey of reflection and remind you of the things we take for granted. His poetry leaves thoughts about what is not written, thoughts hidden between lines, thoughts which follow you throughout a day.

As writer, E.M. McConnell, (author of Swans and Stars) said of Jan and Istangrade, ‘If you like parody delivered in a deadpan voice, seasoned with clever wordage and quiet emotion, this is the poet for you.’

From the discomfort of balding men to the wonder of ‘fog fading in a heavy-lidded district of Istanbul, these poems carry all the emotions the enormity of a city brings. His poem, Wonder, says it all.

If you want to find out more about Jan and buy this book, which I highly recommend, then please visit his linktree page.

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