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How to Become a QR Code

Don’t point your phone at this.

First of all, an apology. If you are a human, and are looking to become a QR code, then the headline may have lured you in under false pretences. This post is more about a writer, of a certain age, and his journey to come to terms with modern technology.

There is a point in life when you think you have achieved most things. This week, I surpassed myself and reached a new highlight. I was having a conversation with another writer, expressing my concerns about how my writing projects and social media were starting to run away with me. My fellow writer smiled and said, ‘that’s straightforward, you need something like Linktree. It will pull everything into one place and make life easier.’

I tried it, it did, then turned my whole writing life into a QR code. I’m still unsure as to what a QR code is (I thought it stood for Quality Re-assurance.). What I do know, if I point my phone camera at the QR code, the phone magics me to a place where order reigns.

Buying Google

Google, 1977 style.

I was so excited about dipping my toe into the modern world that I went and bought Google. Not exactly Google, but what was considered similar in the 1970’s, the Encyclopaedia Brittanica (micropaedia edition). Imagine, the whole internet for £20. Sometimes the old ways cannot be beaten, and the books are a perfect fit for my library.

Have you amazed yourself with anything this week? I would love to hear about it.

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