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Analogue or Digital?

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Summer is fading and ‘the nights are fair drawing in,’ as my nan used to say. Autumn brings a change of scene and a change of pace. Outdoors is starting to become more indoors. That means more time behind the writing desk as I run out of excuses to procrastinate and idle in sunshine.

This change over period is challenging for me as a writer. It’s like starting to train for another marathon; getting used to putting on running shoes again and forcing myself to make those first steps. There were so many thoughts and discussions I wanted to post. They have hit a brick wall, like my recent attempt to drag myself from being a digital dinosaur.

A few months ago, I had this strange urge to step more into the technological age. For years I had always run my life from a physical, hold in your hand, write with a pen, style of diary. In a pique of madness, I decided to switch to a digital online diary. Cue chaos, and weeks of not knowing where I was or who was supposed to be there with.

Third Age Problems.

Online diaries are not as simple as they appear. There are things to be saved, buttons to be pressed, phones, laptops and iPads to be carried, opened and checked. My digital diary has had me taking the dog to the dentist (I don’t have a dog) and attending the barbers at 1.45 am for a 1.45 pm appointment (I don’t have hair).

Suffice to say, the online diary has been sent to the recycle bin and I am back with my write it yourself, year to year diary. The entry for today – 12pm Post Blog. Things could not be simpler.

Has technology caused you any problems over the summer? I would love to hear about it.

Have a great weekend.  

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