Analogue or Digital?

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Summer is fading and ‘the nights are fair drawing in,’ as my nan used to say. Autumn brings a change of scene and a change of pace. Outdoors is starting to become more indoors. That means more time behind the writing desk as I run out of excuses to procrastinate and idle in sunshine.

This change over period is challenging for me as a writer. It’s like starting to train for another marathon; getting used to putting on running shoes again and forcing myself to make those first steps. There were so many thoughts and discussions I wanted to post. They have hit a brick wall, like my recent attempt to drag myself from being a digital dinosaur.

A few months ago, I had this strange urge to step more into the technological age. For years I had always run my life from a physical, hold in your hand, write with a pen, style of diary. In a pique of madness, I decided to switch to a digital online diary. Cue chaos, and weeks of not knowing where I was or who was supposed to be there with.

Third Age Problems.

Online diaries are not as simple as they appear. There are things to be saved, buttons to be pressed, phones, laptops and iPads to be carried, opened and checked. My digital diary has had me taking the dog to the dentist (I don’t have a dog) and attending the barbers at 1.45 am for a 1.45 pm appointment (I don’t have hair).

Suffice to say, the online diary has been sent to the recycle bin and I am back with my write it yourself, year to year diary. The entry for today – 12pm Post Blog. Things could not be simpler.

Has technology caused you any problems over the summer? I would love to hear about it.

Have a great weekend.  

15 thoughts on “Analogue or Digital?

  1. Yep, I just cleaned out the pantry instead of writing. As for technology, I love my laptop, but for journaling, note-taking, brainstorming, and doodling, there’s nothing like pen and paper. Here’s to inspiration! ~Alicia

    1. Thank’s Alicia. It must be the season for procrastination. I’ve been looking for jobs to do all day and now have pen in hand looking for some writing inspiration.

  2. I like the feel of pen on paper. I’m an analogue diary keeper, too. And I like the quick flip to last week (one step, the flip of a page) instead of pressing 20 keys to search for what I was looking for).

    1. That’s a good point, Priscilla. I think the flipping adds to the tactile method of diary keeping. Maybe why some of us won’t give it up. Have a good weekend.

  3. Writing with a pen, WOW It has been ages since I done that. However at times I like to do It. Just at times when I feel like It, when I want to give details, the time, a part of me. But when I do It, It is because I want to show I care because if I do, if I use the Pen to write IS for someone and not for myself. On the other hand sometimes I do It to see if I still can, to see how my Pen writing is doing these days you know, like visiting an old friend.

    1. I don’t know what I would do if I never had the feel of a pen in my hand on a daily basis. Maybe, it is like a comfort blanket for me. Although I do use technology, and it has many advantages, most of my writing starts with pen on paper. Thanks for taking time out to read and comment. Most appreciated🙏

      1. I Hope you will never find out. And in relation to what you said at the end of your comment, don’t mention It, my pleasure. Thanks for the like😉🍀

  4. I have hopelessly submitted myself to the digital world. Hardly any more pen and paper unless it’s in preparation for a writing piece that will be written on my laptop. A pen and paper diary does seem like a more meaningful and convenient option though. Hope autumn is good to you and your writing mood, Davy. Good luck. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Terveen. Autumn always feels like it comes with an impetus to write. Maybe that feeling of locking yourself away and being with your thoughts. I am sure we are meant to hibernate. Happy Autumn to you and your writing. 🙏

  5. I am somewhere in between. It is so much easier to type than to read my handwriting. But I still send out old store greeting cards to loved ones rather than just sending a greeting on things like Facebook. There are just some things that need a human touch.

    1. That is true, Diana, and writing by hand will always give that personal touch and connection. I can still read my doctor style handwriting, so no need to go full digital yet. Thank you for your thoughts.

  6. I’ve turned chaotic in my journalling methods, using both whenever I fancy. I appreciate the convenience of digital journals, and they help with storage space too, but pen and paper just works. And I bounce between both these preferences a lot, so…

    Anyway, I guess it doesn’t matter as long as we’re journalling, am I right?

    1. That is right, Stuart. As long as we are writing, does it matter where the words are. I’ve written on the back of old wallpaper, bus tickets. When ideas strike, we have to get them down somewhere. Thank you for your thoughts.

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