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Bath Time With Boris

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Having committed to posting more regularly on this blog, writing matters took a turn for the worse, a few days ago, when the UK government decided to have a midweek meltdown and remove Boris Johnson from his post as Prime Minister.

Prior to this, my head was full of deep and meaningful narrative on topics like the benefits of journaling, and the best writing guidebooks for writers.  All became redundant on Wednesday afternoon when I made the mistake of switching on the television, and getting hooked as I watched history begin to unfold.

For the next twenty-four hours, wherever I was, whatever I was doing, was accompanied by a backdrop of Boris’s demise. I even took the radio into the bathroom whilst I had my weekly bath. (It’s a northern thing.)

The overall feeling experienced was similar to one where you pick up a good book and, bang, the next couple of days disappear. Nothing is moving until you reach the end and solve that conundrum eating away at you through each chapter.

According to neuroscientist, Professor Sophie Scott, (quoted in Will Storr’s, The Science of Storytelling) human brains are attracted to stories. Stories amount to something that has changed and, ‘our perceptual systems don’t work unless there are changes to detect.’

There’s also mountains of research about how stories can elevate levels of different chemicals like oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins in our bodies.  Now this story has come to some sort of ending my brain feels like I’ve been involved in a bad chemical romance. I wonder what I might have written had there not been some ministerial intervention.

I’m off to find a dark cupboard for the weekend. Have a good one.

Has there been anything to railroad your writing this week? I would love to know.

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