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The Wombwell Rainbow Interview

Earlier this week I was interviewed by Paul Brookes over at The Wombwell Rainbow website.

We chatted about various writerly things including, when and why I started writing, my motivations for writing, why I write, my writing influences and favourite books and authors. You can read the interview in full by visiting this link. Davy D – The Wombwell Rainbow Interview.

Here is the first question to give you a flavour.

1. When and why did you start writing poetry?

I was given my first poetry book in 1972, (aged nine) The book was a treasure of adventure and wonder. That kicked off my love for reading and writing poetry and that passion has stayed with me. I had my first poem published in a local school’s anthology around the same time and it was fifty years before the second one went public. I have written poetry and prose during the interim. Writing has always been a personal journey for me.

Paul is interested in interviewing other writers. If you would like to take part and be featured on his website, then please get in contact with him over at his contact page.

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