The Boy on the Capstan

Image: © Davy D Writer

It’s Kandinsky weather: see the boy on the capstan

His telescope shrieking as it dashes against boulders

He never went much for rivers

Rivers know regret, remorse in their intention

Rivers know memory and mourning

He preferred this harbour, rippled with angst

Spy gulls, meandering through tall ship masts

Harbours know somewhere we don’t

Spy mackerel, glinting from the quayside

Harbours know abundance

Search for a friend, a foe, and watch

All his history emptying into the seasons

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3 thoughts on “The Boy on the Capstan

  1. Conflicting emotions flows through your words, Davy. Much like a river itself. I’m sure each one of us is on the lookout for something in life. Do we ever spot what it is or simply alter the direction of our gaze? I may have changed tracks here but your poem inspired me to contemplate. 🙂

    1. Hi Terveen and thank you for your insightful comment. The poem focuses on how things change in a lifetime and how we are influenced by those changes, much like the flow of a river or sea. As you eloquently say, the direction of our gaze can change everything. Thank you again. 🙏

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